African Business Continuity & Emergency Response Summit 18 - 19 August 2015, Hyatt Regency Rosebank Hotel -Johannesburg, South Africa Conference

This summit aims to provide a platform to discuss the important aspects of the subject like challenges or risks, how government is responding, case studies, technological infrastructure and the importance of communication and social media in the recent years.

Toyota Production Systems Master Class 06 - 08 October 2015, Nagoya, Japan Training

The corporations that truly implemented lean manufacturing develop their own "operating system" that is modeled on the Toyota Production system (TPs).

4th Edition Middle East Homeland Security Summit 06 - 08 October 2015, Amman, Jordan Conference

The summit will gather some of the top internal security officials, counter-terrorism experts, drug-enforcement officials, border protection officials, law makers etc, to share their first-hand experiences on the evolving security challenges in the Gulf region.

Information and Cyber Security Summit 06 - 07 October 2015, Moscow, Russian Federation Conference

The summit aims to provide a platform, to discuss the important aspects of the subject like threats and sources of threats, current scenario & market trends, information security policy, future of information security in Russian Federation.

Kingdom Security 2015 02 - 03 November 2015, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Conference

The event aims to provide a platform, to discuss  the important aspects of defending from the inside out, reducing vulnerability & impacts of the threats or attacks, evaluation of security best practices, combating cyber threats & vision for security of Saudi Arabia.

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