2nd Annual Digital Grids and Smart Cities Forum 05 - 06 May 2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Conference

From Smart Grids to Smart Meters, Smart Homes to Smart Infrastructures and from Smart Transportation to Smart Communications there is a lot happening in every sector and vertical. This event will be providing a stage to debate, discuss, network and chart out a path for a smart development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom Cyber Security Forum 12 - 13 May 2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Conference

Attacks on critical information infrastructure, government agencies and financial Institutions in middle east are increasing and are more sophisticated. State funded or politically motivated cyber offensive units are well organized and are seeking opportunity to cause maximum damage. Saudi Aramco, state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil and gas companies of the world was hit by malware that wiped more than 30,000 computer systems, soon the situation b

10th Middle East Energy Security Forum 2014 15 - 17 September 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Conference

The Middle East Energy Security has grown to be one of the ‚To-Go‘ forums for avid security professionals from across the
globe. Our endeavour has always been to invite the top security practitioners to share their initiatives and vision with our revered delegates.

The Mega Event Security Summit 16 - 17 September 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Conference

With the Mega Event vision turning to reality, Dubai is heading towards what promises to be an exciting event year in 2020. With a massive influx of investment and business, there is also a need to strengthen its security infrastructure to ensure the Mega Event is a success. As a growing economy, there is persistent threat to critical infrastr

3rd Edition Middle East Homeland Security Summit 29 - 01 October 2014, Amman, Jordan Conference

The ‘3rd Edition Middle East Homeland Security Summit’ is an extraordinary platform for internal security officials, counter-terrorism experts, drug-enforcement officials, border protection officials, law makers etc, to assemble on a single venue to share their first-hand experiences on the evolving challenges to ‘Internal Security‘ or ‘Homeland Security‘ in the Gulf region.

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